Acad. Prof. Dr. Liviu Pendefunda, H.D.Litt (Romania)

Acad. Prof. Dr. Liviu Pendefunda, H.D.Litt (Romania)
Academician Liviu PENDEFUNDA, (March 10, 1952, Jassy, Romania). Doctor and writer. MD, PhD, university professor, member of many academies in Europe and North America, Vice Chancellor of the World Academy of Letters, member of the Anthropology commission of the Romanian Academy, Secretary General United Cultural Convention, Doctor Honoris Causa in Literature, founder and director of the Contact International Press and Publishing House and with his wife, Julieta Carmen, of Contact international magazine since 1990. Member of the Romanian Writers’ Union, honored with dozens of awards from around the world. He is married to Julieta Carmen Pendefunda, an economist, writer, editor and business woman and have two daughters together: Sandra-Cristiana and Elleny.
He has published poetry, essays, short prose and novels (author of over 120 books (medicine, philosophy, fiction, etc.) and was translated into English, French, Italian, Greek, Arabic, German, Aromanian, Hindi, Marathi, Spanish, and Chinese.
It rises from the ground
                    sublimating in the sky
from all over the world,
from hidden souls in the clay,
through red, black, white mystery,
                   tears of light.
On the rhomboid cloud and me
                            I gather in a spiral
tight monads in my body,
stringing fire sails in bell,
to hand with a hazelnut stick
            the eternal flight of caravels.
So, my floating from the alembic
                  in a maze of clouds and stars
to the fountain of passage vibrating,
a moan of rushing emptiness
which raises spheres everywhere
                           and pyramids in a wall.
And back and forth I float
                              in an infinite regatta
of air and water, protecting
deep most hidden souls in the clay,
to the depths of the well, in spirit,
                                          tears of light.
There are four rivers in Eden
and five in Hell and Purgatory.
Why do you think it’s important
to be careful when we drink,
herbal liqueurs and from Lethe
forgetting the curse of illusory
from the centripetal world wheel
and deceived by a hierophant?
We roam the secret islands
forcing my speed to fall asleep
in a depth of crooked mystery;
no one to teach you
retrograde swimming to the holy apple.
That’s why eyes are giving me the news
in corners of the earth turning
and in spheres the sky melts us.
It is difficult for a soul to return
escaped from his deceived body
between the waters left to cry
in order to love the same sound –
the bell of His eternal light
blinking in the frozen fire;
but I would avoid getting to Hell
living spirits but not death.
Traveler Train
Bright shimmers of light are on me
ideas arrived in long trains flew without rails,
from the sky to the sky, from the mountain valleys across the field,
between oceans subject to darkness for me
                                                                in the ground.
Long signals will turn from the ruins,
clean blood-stained spots of an astral animal
what will give me photos from that time
go and snow in the clouds from hill to hill
                                                                   a sun.

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