Poems by Dr Jernail S. Aanand

Poems by Dr Jernail S. Aanand
Some are trapped inside
For sins discovered
Others remain interned
After all you are a sinner
Discovered or otherwise
And a gaol is a gaol
Even if you administer it.
Those convicted
Have no knowledge of their sins
And those outside
Keep accusing the insiders
The gaol has flexible boundaries.
When you who stand outside
Will find yourself inside
No one knows
We are all convicts
And the sin was committed
By our ancestor
By eating that accursed fruit
Knowledge has the power to dissect
The darkness that envelopes us
But to break out of it
We need illumination
Till that time, when some great man
Comes and tastes poison
Or is put on the Cross
With baited breath, Wait.
My mind often is at variance with my heart
And it does not believe what the eyes see
It lusts for refreshing locales
But my legs defy the commands
My mouth waters at the sight of sweets
But my mind stops my hand
When my five sense unite on something
The sixth halts the movement
I am a house divided
A true democracy, with a strong opposition
It is this division which
Keeps me going
If I use the whip
And silence the opposition
Joy and life will come to an end
Before the start of the next season.

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