Storys by Abdumominov Abdulloh (Uzbekistan)

Abdumominov Abdulloh (Uzbekistan)
Abdumominov Abdulloh, was born on November 29, 2008 in Tashkent. At the age of five I began to study oriental and literature, read books. From a young age he was fond of literature. I started writing stories when I was ten, and my stories have been translated into many languages ​​and published in many countries, I participated in international competitions and won prizes. The purpose of writing a story is to instill in children a sense of time and culture.
Abdulloh Abdumominov is 13 years old. Young wtiter
Place of study: 102nd school, 7th grade.
Place of residence: Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.
This New Year we did not have a Christmas tree. Friends were supposed to come to my party. But we couldn’t buy a real Christmas tree a thorny, scent, fluffy beauty. When my mother left for work, I asked her to buy garlands and toys to somehow decorate the rooril.
I have been preparing for the New Year for a long time. My parents knew and allowed me to call my friends. But we were at odds with my best friend – Anvar. And I was not going to put up with him. On the contrary, I wanted to take revenge on him this year. Although, dad always told me: «Do not dig a hole for another — you can fall into it yourself)).
And he warned that Santa does not present gifts to bad children. But I didn’t care, I was very angry with Anvar and did not want to forgive him. In the afternoon we met with a former friend. He started talking first: «Let’s put up, because soon the New Year. All quarrels must be left in the past. Let’s make a snowman together and call it Friendship». I decided not to continue the war and make peace with a friend: «Come to me tomorrow for the New Year party. It will be fun. Only we will not have a Christmas tree – we did not have time to buy it)). When I was saying that to Anvar, I saw my mother walking home and carrying a big beautiful fluffy tree in her hands! I was so staring at her that I even fell. It was such a big cool suprise!
Probably, they say the truth that New Year should be celebrated with friends, in a good mood and without bad thoughts. Then all wishes will come true and the whole year will be good. I had a great New Year party with my best friends and nice family! I am sure that this year will be happy and successful for everyone and for me! Happy New Year to everybody!
Thieves of time
My name is Doniyor. My neighbor Abdullah and I have become close friends. One day we couldn’t find any any way to have fun. We had no goal. We didn’t know what to do. When we were making something from a piece of wood, my father suddenly woke up. His eyes were half open when hesaid:
“ Hey, thieves of time! Are you wasting your time?”
I didn’t understand the meaning of my father’s “time thieves” at all. I wanted to ask, but he fell asleep.
My friend Abdullah also asked “Are we thieves?”
When daylight came, he went into his house. I also fell asleep from exhaustion. But I remembered that I was late for school, so I quickly washed my face and drank tea in a hurry. I do not remember what I ate .. I thought I would be late for school, but class had not yet begun. As soon as I arrived, the teacher came in. We all greeted the teacher with respect
“ My dear students! I am overjoyed to see you. My joy is boundless.“
Just as our teacher was explaining the subject to us, one of my classmates came in and said,”Teacher, I’m sorry I’m late today.”
“Doniyor, don’t be late anymore., the teacher said.“This time I forgive you, but next time I will punish you.”
“Dear students,” the teacher said, “you must build a new Uzbekistan, and at the same time justify the trust of your parents, ready to give their lives for you. If you become famous, I will be proud to say on the street that I taught this student, “ shesaid.
These words of my teacher had a special effect on me and increased my self-confidence. Various whispers began in the classroom.
“Will you come to my birthday tomorrow?” I heard also those words. It was clear that our teacher also heard these words.
“Time thieves,” said the teacherHer sharp gaze at the students was marked by regret. “Thieves of time”.
I had heard these words from my father while I was playing with my friend. That’s why I was not surprised to hear them. My classmates were stunned.
Doniyor, trembled with fear, as if I, his friend Abdullah, ,had committed a crime.
“Doniyor, why are you trembling?” the teacher asked.
“You called us thieves, didn’t you? After all, aren’t those who steal punished?“
“Time thieves are punished by time itself. By doing so, you are hurting yourself. “ the teacher said.
“Teacher, I do not understand the meaning of this sentence at all. Please tell us about the theft of time.”
“Usually, those who steal are punished,” said the teacher. “Time thieves are no exception. True, the thief of time is not punished. He is not even accountable before the law. But wasting your time now is tantamount to stealing your time, your future. If you spend all your time in science, you will save time and become a mature person in the future.
Ohh, my friend Abdullah and I are the thieves of our future. Doniyor thought. These words of the teacher inspired Doniyorm andat that moment, he realized what a “time thief” was.
He even came to our house in a hurry: “Anvar, are you there? Starting today, I can say that I understand the value of time.
“Yes, Abdullah, you understand, now we are not stealing our time, we are just following the path of knowledge. In the future, we will be among the mature people mentioned by my teacher. I agree with you. Don’t waste your time! I will always remember that it is a trophy!

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