Poems by Mar Thieriot

Poems by Mar Thieriot
W for Woman
The beast and the angel
Embrace each other
within my heart
The top and the bottom
The sun and the moon
The wing and the claws
Of my poor humanity
And Intelligent…
For a time too short
To be heaven and earth
Clarity and darkness
Flesh and prayer
Affected, Detached,
Imperfect yes,
We have said it enough
But discreetly, secretly
Temporarily… Adored.
MY LIFE OF NOTHING write the story of a life of nothing,
my poet’s life, silent,
Quiet and lonely.
I renew with the word
As one connects with his soul
In the deepest self
or in the most playful way,
Wind that goes
Which returns on us.
Winter stands there
Between snow and ice.
In his room he sleeps.
I tell myself a new book,
Venetian secret,
That will revive adolescence,
With the patina of time…
An infinite and perfumed spring,
The tamed lagoon.
Resumption of the interrupted history:
I find again the warm weft
Of my dreams of lioness
At the flight of the words.
Mar Thieriot December 2021

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