Poems by Regnard Bishoza

Poems by Regnard Bishoza
Timeless tribal primordial Africa
People are surprised by the people of Africa
Maasai, Zulu, the Swahili of Africa
Hot, dusty with rolling grasslands
Huge herds of animals, stocky Africa.
Cold and steamy filled with cosmopolitans
Feeding naturally, starving and staying
Warring and emigrating from deserts
Jungles, highlands, savannah dwells
Soothing flutes, rhythm, deep in the souls.
Game meat is eaten without flinching
Tasty, extremely delighting and pleasing
African bards, writers, adorable intellectuals
Achebe, Contemporary Colored Literature Father
Okigbo, Ngugi, Soyinka and Queen Maya.
Liberalism is impeccable, native heroic rulers
Fell in love with you, benevolent Africa
Thrusting into thy warm virgin forests
You are a man worn in a bush jacket
Disappearing off into sunset.
Africa of the heroic warriors
Africa of loyal priests and diviners
Africa of the ancient wise figures
Living in hermitic splendours
Heaving energetic gigantic offspring.
Africa of the widowed mothers
Africa of the wrinkled dry faces
I cry, I cry, I try to let the tongue navigate
Africa, in whimpers my tongue has to tell.
My memory remembers you bitterly wept
My memory tells you were ruthlessly whipped
On caravans you fugitively walked to East
East, West, a stranger on your mother land.
Africa, tiny magnanimous Africa
Africa tricked by genius pamper
Matured Africa, worn in pampas
Trafficked and slashed Africa.
And flag independence you grabbed
Into your shivering hands you collapsed
Lacking sovereignty on your richness
Behind your door they stole your riches.
I pity and scream for your noble death
From the terrains and corners of land
Blood fills your land with noble curses
Africa is crawling in jingles and chains.
I plead the minority puppets and egoists
I plead the humanity noble beings
I plead the shrieks of innocents, I plead
Dying on earth of reluctant fierce hyenas.
I plead for bloodshed in Congo lands
Celebrities brought by fierce mankind
Bitter than hyssop, fierce like tigers
Hyenas kissing blood, sitting on evil thrones
This is Africa, Africa of the heartless minorities!
Be with me sweetheart, early and late
You are whatever moon has always meant
You are whatever a sun will always sing
I love thee to the depth and breadth
I love thee to the height my soul reaches.
I dreamed you bewitched me
Into bed and sang to me
Moonstruck, kissed me
Quiet insane, died me!
Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle hole
You are as beautiful as the sunrise
You are the sweetest of all creatures
You are made of decorative fixtures.
My heart radiates with joy at thought
Thought of you, my mindset is caught
My face exhibits beautiful smiles
Classic smiles to light the darkness.
I feel flushed and fiery in my mystery
I feel flouted with my mankind mystery
You are a beckoning beacon shining brightly
My lips beckon when you come close
Counting paradoxical heartbeats with ears.
My heart aches whenever I can’t see you
Burnt with craving, lustful hunger without you
I am lost whenever I stop thinking of you
Rapture is captured with ecstasy with you.
Your love brings waves of joy
Waves that sent my sorrows away
My aspirations rise and cherish
Each sweet second of our time to spend
Your love is the pen, my heart is the page
Like twins, let us declare love in eternity.
You are a fierce but very kind tiger
A tiger to tear my heart and mend it
You are as bright as a peacock
A peacock on a cold winter day
My love is like a hothouse orchid
My love is a prickly open cactus.
When I touch your open skin
With my rough funny fingers
Fingers exploring the mystery secrets
Then I find driving you in vain spaces
Lost in direction but found my face
To you is where my mindset dwells
When trouble wallows and looms.
Voices screech with your absence
Your eyelashes beckon my architect
Adoring to professional endowed careers
Resting comfort to your deserted homestead
Laying rays of love into your saturated blossoming flowers.
Beautiful, powerful
Rich in melanin, not a garden tool
Resilient of African descent
With skin throbbingly kissed by the sun.
Black woman
Made out of brown sugar
Gold, honey and sugar
Unapologetically black.
Black woman
Elegant, independent, compassionate
African queen, always calm
Knowing her true wealth and power.
Black woman
Phenomenal woman
Strong woman
Made by vigorous storms she walks through.

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