The colours of your rain dissolve my soul / Poem by Margaret Kowalewska

Poem by Margaret Kowalewska
The colours of your rain dissolve my soul
Rain, soft rain
writing your name
on my dress
permeating deep through my skin
with the smooth intimate ink
of your untamed dreams
Wind, the zephyr with wings
of the amethyst skies
carries your voice in the rain
with an enchanting spell,
into the sea of my fears
I cannot hear the sound,
but I feel vibration and how it taps
between the layers
of my unspoken heart
Stones, precious stones
reflecting light in every drop
At certain angle they spark
with colours from divine realm
These colours dissolve my soul
with your smile, sublime
imprinting them on my lips
with holy water drips
of rainbows blessed
baptizing my womb
with your light’s caress.
To your raw savoring,
I succumb my vulnerable soul
absorbing your urges
with my every pore
I kneel in a gesture
of gratitude high
for the essence of my life
flowing your soul into mine,
spilling your rain drops
on the effervescence
of my every breath
synchronized with yours
when the rain knocks
with your fingertips
cascading with
our fingerprints
of undressed bliss
Rain, perpetual rain
humming with each gasp
blessed with a glow, untamed
serenading to the sacred earth
with each drop of love,
it sets us free one more time.
© Margaret Kowalewska
11 December 2021

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