Christmas / Oscar Mieses

Oscar Mieses
Christmas…time of celebrations for those who can do more. Divided by social status. The great majority in extreme poverty…a minority in opulence without practicing goodness. Without any feeling of humanity.
Whoever life smiles at him is full of happiness…who has nothing. Head down with his empty stomach and bitter face because not even the basics will reach the table to celebrate.
A society excluding voracious capitalism.
It is human to achieve greater equity. Closing inequality gaps. Jesus Christ the poor are victims of injustices of an unequal world. Let the rains wet everyone and the crops have distribution. The poor are considered human beings and not worthless animals.
Time of celebrations, time of rights of all to live in peace and a better world… without walls, divisions of colors, discrimination. Without diseases created in laboratories by the greater powers to eliminate the elderly and poor who are not useful to their interests in their ideal world.
Kindness is not having mercy, it is not giving crumbs, what has already been defeated, much less what spaces occupy us. Nor the blessings that as if we were Gods with hypocrisy that offend the great work of Jesus Christ who was a true Christian.
Oscar Mieses
December 13, 2021
Dominican Republic

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