Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke
For only now is accounted for,
The whole is a hole filled with hope and despair
But for those aware of the majesty of ANOTHER
ONE removed but still present,
ONE owls are wont to miss
Walking the path of darkened dreams
Upon a night cold and desolate
The beauty of freezing thoughts and anguished prayers
Leading the foot trudging shakily to tomorrow
Into the territory of stars and sunbeams
Hello life!
Welcome or unwelcome,
You will make your wish true
Only mercies of the sky’s mitigate,
One bathing in the nakedness of a prolonged night,
One of poetic strobes and ink spillage
To drain the threatening torrent of tears.
SENDERS……arise with the gift of a new day
Marry the merry with the cheery
Exullte joy and jovial vibes
Past old divides and locked boundaries
Mend the broken with a love stitch
Heal the infirm with acceptance
Delight in light and right,
And this season of exhilarating feelings
Shall leave a better imprint on us all.
After all, ain’t we all just specks of dust doing our do on this plane?
Matter to somebody, something,
And in giving, you too shall receive.
Batteries charged or half way drained
Daily is the scheduled and unscheduled fierce whacks of war
Etched brows with lines of lost and maimed mates
Guilt overriding an act not taken sooner to stay closed eyes,
Home front with overgrown flower beds
Ghetto lice picking life in little measured pecks
Under the bridge gnawing stale throw away bread
A home far from home with old bones dead of life.
We are all soldiers in a way
Each their battle, each their war.
To discount another’s because history didn’t highlight,
Is totally to miss the essence of flesh activities in the journey of living.
December 2021

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