Poems by Sudhakar Gaidhani

Poems by Sudhakar Gaidhani
Shroud of Jesus
Lonely was I on Mount Nebo
as I sat down to stitch together some rags
At that moment the Lord
appeared before me.
I smiled like a sad brook.
“What are you doing here, my child? Even my blood
on the cross
You have wiped with these rags”!
“Lord, as long as the sun
Is cooling on the horizon
I will sew together this holy garment
using a nail of Thy crucifix as a needle.
The firmament shook
All living beings began to run away in panick
Such was the cruelty heaped on Thee
By those rascals
This is the last garment on Thy body
Which those devils tore down on the street
Soaked in Thy holy blood
I picked it up right away
And washed it with my tears halfway
That is what I am doing here
Stiching it with all my might
with the threads of my heart
They have torn it into bits like
pieces of paper in fury ,
Those hapless ones. “
“Son, how long will you go on with this?
What are you going to do with it?”
“Lord, this Great Garment
is a dream of compassion
See it is completely sewn now.
This is Thy holy shroud.”
Translated from Marathi by Vishwaabhaa
O Church-bell, Break Your Silence
Dear Church-bell,
You are but a holy tune
rinsing away our woes
and a resounding crystal-clear echo
awakening the inner soul
You are the vehicle
carrying our grievances to the Lord
You are the reason why,
our holy prayers receive a fulfilling response
Dear church-bell,
Your silence even for a single day,
fills the earth with utterly grim vibes,
Your endearing peals
light our day into glowing smiles
Dear church-bell,
you are more than a mere sound
streaming from a bell in the temple,
You are rather the queen of melodies
flowing from all the musical instruments
No wonder, even the heaven is a
fanatic admirer of your music.
You are the source, that gives birth to
a garden of divine words
Don’t you stay so tight-lipped dear church-bell,
And don’t you test my devotion, stretching it to its end
Even devils accept their defeat,
when they hear your resounding voice
You are the terminator of fear
and the cheer leader of a young breeze
Let our world resonate
with the sound of your peals!
And also let the church lose her heart
to the heavenly bliss of your music!
Enliven once again soul of the church,
let the surroundings once again melt with mirth
Please heed this one prayer,
dear church-bell
breath life dear mother
into the sullen hearts
of all the divine creations
Translation by Vishwas Vaidya

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