Poems by Nancy Kan

Poems by Nancy Kan
Divine Destiny
In the serenity of soul
Calm waters invade
The majestic space
Between soul and spirit
Echoes from beyond the universe
In the expansion of mind
Whispers from eternity
Heaven is here
Within you!
There is peace
flowing from within
Warm light enlightens
The path to divine destiny…
Passions of flesh
Remains in memory fresh
Aftermath is guilt
And mind it bitter
But flesh walks on this stilt
Flesh catches the twitter
Bird of passion sings
In this world of pragmatism
More bitterness it brings
No one looks for animism
Pleasures of flesh
Rebound and refresh
Tired and bound
Wisdom of spirit wails
Seeds searching for a piece of ground
Finding right trails
Journeying through consciousness
Searching pebbles of true knowledge
Renewal and cognizance
Brings courage to acknowledge
Presence of trinity condemning illusion
Body, soul and spirit rhymes in inclusion
Salvation, salvation, salvation!
©Nancy K A N

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