Christmas Day 2021 / Poem by Mar Thieriot

Poem by Mar Thieriot
Christmas Day 2021
Fleeing the expected places
The made sentences
Fleeing the common paths
Fleeing again the relationships
Of convenience
Of circumstance
To meditate in the thick night
Delivered from the noise of the World
Overrated or hollow
Celebrate the absence
Celebrate the silence
Unburdened by the weight of formalities
Dressed in stars
Covered with lakes
Of inaccessible forests
Of lukewarm dreams of humanity
To carry in its heart
The impregnable images
Forged in the secret
Of that which without land
Nor outline
Was able to live between us
To run away with pockets full
Of the music of the deaf
of evil geniuses
of cursed poets
A light star
On the forehead
To recognize an angel
Lost in the crowd
Please lend me your wings
Draw me a cloud
Where is the door
That opens to the sky

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