CONTEMPLATION! / Poem by Madhu Gangopadhyay

Poem by Madhu Gangopadhyay
What if Athena never punished Medusa!
She wasn’t at fault after all.
Poseidon instead should have been defamed.
He went scot free just because men
Aren’t ever to be blamed?
Why then implicate an innocent girl?
From a beauty envied and admired,
Turned into a monster with serpent hair!
Feared, loathed, isolated she suffered!
Why wasn’t she banished from the earth?
So intense is the feeling of envy,
She had to be as miserable as one can be!
The vindictive Poseidon unleashed his lust
Only to avenge Athena.
Her most sincere priestess paid the price!
Modesty robbed, society decried!
A hideous being with green skin
The mortal Gorgon cursed for no sin!
Hiding, fleeing she somehow survived!
Then Perseus with his shield arrived,
Chopped off the head of the witch who turned,
Simple people into stone statues with her gaze at once!
Perseus, the gallant, was showered with praise!
Ignominy engulfs innocence!
A beautiful maiden fell from magnificence!
Banished, she would have survived,
Melancholic yet revive!
Longing for her lost land
Yet liberated she would stand!
Insecurity, hatred, all a waste
Devastation occurs when anger is misplaced!

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