Yehoram Galili (Israel)

Yehoram Galili (Israel)
Yehoram Galili, poet, Israeli writer and literary editor, has been writing songs and short stories since first grade. He is the owner of Galili Publishing and the author of the book “Rishonim Tamid – The Legacy of the Combat Engineering Corps” (published by Efi Meltzer Ltd.). His short story, “An Affair with a Terrorist” won in the prize for encouraging the work in the “Buds of Prose” competition in Modi’in at 2007. In 2017, his song “Photo War” won the first place in a poetry competition in Be’er Sheva initiated by “Bitaon Shira”. This song appears in the book bearing the name “Photo War”, which will be published soon.
Photo war
I was born in between the wars:
After the six days and the attrition war,
Before Yom Kippur war, and –
The first and the second Lebanon war.
My name commemorates the heroism of war –
My father’s command from the battle
On the hill of ammunition,
That God will not bring back to life.
In my father’s first leave after
The cursed Suez Canal war is over
My parents went to a studio to take pictures
In order to commemorate youth beauty.
My mother’s black hair overflows,
my father’s rough uniform ,
And I was dressed in the photos like
The new king’s clothes.

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