Maki Starfield (Japan)

Maki Starfield (Japan)
Maki Starfield was born in Ehime, 1972. She earned her Master of Arts from Sophia University, and then got the diploma of International business management and the certificate of TESOL in Canada. She is a representative in Japan of Immagine Poesia, a member of Japan Universal Poets Association, and Japanese haiku associates. Her poems have appeared in newspapers or literary magazines in more than 15 languages.
Guido Gozzano Prize (Honorable Mention) 2018,2019
JUNPA Prize for a new poet 2020
Naji Naaman Literary Prize (Creativity) 2020
2020 The First World Daily Poetry Competition
The Outstanding Winners 2020 (第一届世界日报社诗词大赛)
PushCart prize nomination 2020
Sahitto International Award for Literature 2021
Silk Road International Poetry Festival 2021 Outstanding Poet Awards
And That’s Me
Small sun
Shines forever
At the center of sunflowers
And that’s me
A white butterfly
Only you can see
And that’s me
As blue sky
And that’s me
White snow
Covers everything
Little forget-me-not grass
And that’s me
Fresh air
Makes your cheeks shine
A great owl
And that’s me
The tears you shed
Wiped with your hands
A disappearing rainbow
And that’s me
A breeze
In your hair
And that’s me
The stars shine in the sky
We’re gone
But you?
To where?
To where?
It ‘s me.
Your smile, my joy
Above all
Your bright smile
Its me
It’s me!
The Maker of Time
You are the fire,
You are the sun,
You are the wind,
You are the moon,
You are the bright stars,
You are the gold creation
You are the cosmic waters,
You are the Lord of all creations
You are everything; the past, the present and the future
And through the art of Galaxy
I am charmed by your illusions
Should I worship you?
—the master of the magic
—The maker of time
You know everything
By your greatness
The wheel of my world revolves
And I shine forth in your glory.
Me Five Years Later
–Dedicated to Rothko
Five years later, I sometimes think about something like this. Trying to paint a picture like Rothko.
I’m too busy with my daily life right now. I want to escape as soon as possible, color various human emotions like Rothko, and develop infinite time and space. How happy it would be to go on a journey to one’s own inner world, away from all social customs and ties!
No financial anxiety, becoming free from relationships with family and surroundings… Like Rothko, I want to paint with my room as a motif. Neither for myself, nor for someone else, but only for the love of God.
Will such a spiritual composure be born? Somehow, while predicting the future, maybe my life will be cornered by something.
I don’t really love Rothko’s paintings, but I’m attracted to Rothko’s soul, which can produce such colors.
Let the past, present, and future live together in one canvas and trip us away to a world of nothingness. You can experience the crazy and ecstatic feeling that comes from his paintings! Isn’t it happy to go from a mundane time to a completely different flow of time even for a moment?
Within Rothko’s and my shared subconscious, a common consciousness seems to coexist. This common consciousness is the vibration of cosmic consciousness.
If I had the same karma as Rothko, I might be able to paint like him. Without it, it would be difficult. However, because there is a connection between our souls my heart is attracted.
We live in material time. Behind the scenes, there is also the time of existence after death. I admire Rothko’s paintings, which bring the myriad visions that occur in this after-death time to this world.

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