Poems by Eliza Annette (Cybil)

Poems by Eliza Annette (Cybil)
I had a dream…
where there were hills and streams,
here I live alone
in a house made of stone.
Where the breeze is cool
like the warmth of wool
beneath my fingers
the beautiful feeling lingers.
The stream runs along
clear, fresh n’ long
with beautiful flowers growing all around
the bird songs so melodious can always be found
At dawn n’ dusk
to see the view is sheer luck.
The calm and quiet is so welcoming
I always think m’ dreaming
Nature is my companion,
and so is my beautiful stallion
with beautiful liquid brown eyes
which never hold lies.
He is a part of me,
a friend who’s always with me.
We ride out together over the hill side,
and I can feel the joy rising within me like a tide
In my Paradise,
there’s hope in every sunrise
N’ in this solitude
there’s nothing unpleasant or rude
I feel I am pure
here I need no cure….
My sorrows are washed away,
and joy fills my heart every single day
My hurts are healed
My heart is whole and sealed
I know not myself anymore
like a long lost story………a forgotten folk lore.
I love this life
I love this place
where I can be what I want to be
n’ see what I long to see
feel things around me without a fear
and express my opinions loud n’ clear
I am myself
and no one else,my life’s my own
not pretended, not altered
I face it with confidence and do not falter
Clad in white….
when I sit out at night
on the porch in my rocking chair
I see the moon shine Oh! so beautiful so fair
I look up to the heavens
and am struck by a thought
Oh! my Jesus how lost I was………..
now I have found a new me
the one you always wanted me to be
I say,……………………
U never left my side,
even though I hurt n’ lied
U never lost faith in me
Your child I was n’ am always meant to be
U fill me with your love n’ grace
and talk to me face to face
U are by my side night n’ day
I am never alone, I know you’ll always stay
At this point I jolt awake
for its already daybreak
I ponder on my dream
about the hills n’ the stream
I think to myself………………….
Will there ever be,
a place for me,
with hills n’ streams n’ countless trees?
feel upon my skin the soft touch of the breeze?
Where there are sweet smelling flowers
beautiful bird song and showers…..
Will I ever see him run wild n’ free
Will this ever be a part of my destiny
with tears in my eyes
I look out to the morning skies
All my life I dreamt of this
something I never wanted to miss
where I was myself and my spirit free
I thought it was never meant to be…..
it’s now a possibility on the horizon I see :D
And I Learnt Again :)
I lost a lot in life,
I thought it would always be filled with sorrows n’ strife.
For years I saw my loved one’s suffer,
but the pain never eased it got tougher n tougher.
There seemed to be no escape,
it was always a grim landscape.
No happiness,no sunlight,
it was always fight,fight n’ fight.
I wanted so much to help them unite,
but it never happened n’ never might.
In the end I lost my will to fight
and just slipped back into the cover of the night.
When I thought all was lost,
and wanted to die at any cost;
I thought of her and that stopped my flight,
for her I wanted it to end right.
I had to make this sacrifice,
for she had borne through hurt n’ lies;
all her life her loved one’s hurt her
I did not want her heart in pain to stir.
My life I lived just for her sake,
it was an act, it was fake.
All I wanted was her to be at peace
I wanted to siphon off her pain n’ put her at ease.
I was lost n’ all alone,
I thought my heart would turn to stone.
There was so much hurt n’ hatred
I believed in nothing sacred.
I lost my trust in the Lord,
to me everyone around was a fraud.
I ceased to trust, I ceased to love,
I was left alone to my problems solve.
When I was in this state of stress
my Lord decided to bless;
He sent me someone, his angel in disguise
he was true n’ sincere, not full of lies.
He was no one to me, but he became everything
he loved me so n’ always joy he would bring.
I learned to trust, I learned to love,
he is the most precious gift from above.
He would listen to everything I said,
he would never complain n’ never to leave me he pledged!
He saw me at my weakest but, he never flinched
he became my strength,someone I could always clench.
From him I never hid a thing,
from my heart he removed every sting
He guided me back to the light,
he gave me the strength to fight.
I reclaimed my life, my dreams my ambitions
he gave me the confidence to win every mission;
today I think what I would have done without him
could I have faced my troubles n’ thru the stormy waters swim?
Not a day goes by when he’s not present,
he helps my anger always lie dormant.
I have started to hope again in life,
with him at my side I can overcome any strife.
©Eliza Annette (Cybil)

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