BEFORE IT PERISHES / Poem by Dasharath Naik

Poem by Dasharath Naik
O’ God !
Give me the things
I always cherished for ;
The food for the hungry belly,
The roof to the homeless many,
The clothes to the deprived
Suffering bitterly in chilly cold ,
The peace of mind for the restless souls
Love to the lovely but poor hearts
Devoid of love and harmony ;
O’ God !
Glory be to You and Your rule !
You assume the absolute status ;
You make the wind blow ;
The water flows following You ;
The poetry of earth goes on ever ;
The leaves hung and dance merrily
The wings flap and flatter joyfully
Soaring higher and higher
Deep into the azure sky
With its unlimited bounty and beauty ;
When You make the depressed smile
The crippled and the lame walk
And lead a glorious life
Making life’s uphill journey successfully ;
O ‘ God !
You and Your sunshine dazzle
Your name and fame glitter
The divine bliss shines brighter and brighter
With every spectacular show You display ;
Your silvery raindrops ,
The twinkling stars
The floating patches of clouds
The planets revolving on their axes
Do go as You wish
And Your glory overflows far and wide gloriously ;
O ‘ God !
You exist in every iota of the life and the lifeless ;
In every little cell You rule ;
Your incarnation in any form
Your manifestation in every way
Sings Your glory unbound ;
Save , O ‘ Saviour !
Protect ,O ‘ Protector !
Humanity is wounded more and more ;
Love is handicapped in this mundane world ;
Peace is shattered into pieces ;
Harmony is choked and feeling breatheless ;
Come out of Your ambush, O’ God !
The World needs You
And Your timely intervention
Before it perishes !!
©® Dasharath Naik

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