CHRISTMAS 2021 / Poem by George Onsy

Poem by George Onsy
More than the so-called ‘Season Greetings’
After the annual grand shopping rituals
In spite of the countless satellites
That hide the awaited Star
And as Covid’s and all messages of fear
Continues to contaminate mass media,
It is STILL Christmas …
When the Eternal Pact
Between heaven and earth
Got ready to be sealed
And the heavenly angels danced
With the earthly shepherds
On the melody of Glo-ooo-ooo-ooo ria
Yes … It is Christmas
That rare REAL joy I heard about
When little child before many sad years
Yet, I can see today a straw still shining
In the space of 2000-year history
Long after it flew off a manger
Where a new-born had finally found
A warm place to sleep
It tells me again the whole story
Of the poorest of all the poor
Who can ever bring us
The real wealth imperishable
Of a Kingdom Eternal
After all the promises
Of kingdoms that have gone.
With my iconographic-styled painting ‘THE INCARNATION OF THE UNBEGUN’ (Paris 1982) on the background collage I put together to combine: Above: The dome of the Roman Pantheon (All gods’ temple) – Below: A Persian palace reversed and reliefs of earthly kingdoms: Mesopotamian, Alexander’s, Julius Caesar’s, Medieval, Napoleon, World War II/Colonialism.

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