JAMES TIAN’S CHRISTMAS GIFTS (田宇) -Christmas (December) issue of the anthology of world poetry (ISBN 978-988750449-8, HK, Jiuzhou Literature and Art Publishing House) / By: Natalie Bisso

Christmas (December) issue of the anthology of world poetry (ISBN 978-988750449-8, HK, Jiuzhou Literature and Art Publishing House)
The Anthology contains the best works of 81 famous poets from around the world. The collection includes poems by Natalie Bisso in Chinese and English. They were translated into Chinese by the young Chinese poet and translator Tian Yu, well-known in literary circles James Tian /James Tian.(田宇).
James Tian is a young, talented, energetic poet and translator. But he has already managed to prove to the world that he is one of the most experienced translators in China, actively and successfully working at a high professional level.
Tian was born in 1994 in the city of Tai’an, Shandong Province and began writing poetry at the age of six. The incredible efficiency and hard work of a talented young Chinese poet and journalist are admired not only by me. His excellent artistic translations bring well-deserved successes and awards.
Member of the Chinese Poetry Society, director of the China Central Television (CCTV) group “Chinese Wisdom”, member of the Sino-American Society, researcher at the International Institute of Archaeology and Historical Linguistics, James Tian in 2018 was awarded the second prize in the national competition of the best literary works dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the resumption of publication of the Jinggangshan Writers’ Daily Newspaper, and the second prize in the Wen Yiduo poetry competition. And in 2019, he received the BPPW Gold Award, the Silver Award of the American Pegasus Poetry Prize, the Bronze Medal of the Bena Prize for the translation of French poetry and the award for Outstanding achievements in Latin American literature. In recent years, James Tian’s poems have been published in more than 50 newspapers and magazines at home and abroad and translated into many languages.
The publishing company International Culture published his anthology of contemporary poetry “Light in the Sky”, the national publishing house of Sichuan – “Anthology of Tian’s works”, the publishing house China Ground – “Anthology of Tian’s works – 2” and other books. Such an active creative activity of the Chinese poet and translator delights the whole poetic world.
Throughout 2021, James Tian worked on translations of many authors from around the world, from which the best works of 39 famous poets from around the world were selected. All 39 poets with their creative biographies and poems in three languages – original, English and Chinese were published in various Chinese and Taiwanese media, as well as on electronic media. All 39 poets were awarded the honorary title of “Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Literature” (Chinese Literature Executive deputy Editor-in-Chief) with the presentation of the corresponding supporting document.
James Tian did an incredible job every month to promote foreign literature in his country.
At the end of the year, James Tian, Deputy editor-in-chief of the international publication Culture and Education Today, together with the Beijing Institute of Mindfulness and Culture,
and also with an account for the promotion of Chinese and foreign literature, for outstanding poets from around the world and regions, represented by Li Yue, Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Culture and Education of China, Deputy Editor-in-Chief for Culture and Education of China and Xiao Yan (Editor-in-chief of the weekly “Culture and Education Today”, Shanxi Science and Technology newspaper/ editor-in-chief of the weekly “Culture and Education Today“ and the newspaper Shanxi Science and Technology established the “Zheng Xin International Poets Prize” and organized a competition. Of the 39 previously submitted authors, the 10 best works and their authors were pre-selected for the shortlist. Among them is your humble servant, the author of this article, which I am infinitely glad of.
The results of this grand event will be announced live on television and will be published in various Chinese media. That day is coming. And the coming 2022, several lucky winners will meet the owners
The First Zheng Xin International Poets Prize.
Meanwhile, James Tian is already working tirelessly on, translating new lucky poets into Chinese.

Natalie Bisso

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