Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
What am I for you?
you are my little world
what am I for you
crumpled handkerchief?
I would
I cared for you,
I wanted to be with you,
I wanted to hold you,
I never wanted to leave you,
I would never hurt you,
I would never betray you,
I would sacrifice all for you.
Welcome my life
dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
welcome to my life
when you walked into my life
you brought joy to my life
i am stronger and more blessed in life
for your friendship brings happy to my life
welcome to my poetry
I am glad to meet you
with you in my soul
I fly
Dear friend
thank you for your friendship
you are a goodness
Dedicated to my nice Romanian friend Vasile
You are a goodness of the Universe
You have a right to be here
And eternal right
To be you.
Dear friend let me say
Happy Birthday
Happy Name Day
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
It’s your Name Day.
and I’m thinking how glad I am
that you were born.
You have given me so much–
supported me, encouraged me.
Dear friend
let me say
something on this special day
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life’s best treasures.
Dear friend
let me say
something on this special day
though we are apart
you’ll be always in my heart and soul.
Good luck and Happy Name Day
my happiness
my happiness in bloom
you love me
We are more then a fantasy.
We see things that others don’t see.
We come and go without a trace.
Two minds and souls in strong embrace.
You saw me
I saw you
My heart bloomed
Like a sunflower
You touched my life like no one else.
I could never forget you.
Because I adore you
When I miss your soul,
I send my heart,
hidden explorer, to you
I imagine we are together again,
at least for a few moments,
and our souls thread like in the old times…
I think the most important gift
I can give you,my words:
I met you:
The sky is bluer
The grass is greener.
The cloud is whiter.
Today is wonderful
starless night
salty silence
you not love me
I wonder
why that happened
I loved you
my fault?
what is love?
I ask myself time after time
My answer is very simple

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