Poems by Stefano Capasso

Poems by Stefano Capasso
on Human Weaknesses
The Tyrant’s Crown 
When of Syracuse
Tyrant was Gerone,
he wanted to thank the Gods
offering a crown.
To the best goldsmith
he ordered to provide,
after having made him deliver
of pure gold.
Having these in a hurry
honored his contract
to the Tyrant,
who doubted everyone,
the suspicion came
that he had for himself
a retained part
and then replaced
with non-precious metal.
To uncover the fraud
he turned to Archimedes,
to dismiss the idea
of having been robbed.
Archimedes went to the baths
to think better
and relax your mind,
but going down into the water,
his body was going down,
making a part of it
overflow .
The solution to the problem
he knew he was holding
and naked, running out,
for the emotion,
he screamed out loud
“” EUREKA “”
To Gerone, he demonstrated
that there had been fraud
from a greedy man,
thinking of getting away with it
even with a Tyrant
merciless like Gerone.
I would like to demonstrate,
with what I have told,
that just when
to go unpunished,
you are convinced,
tempting fate
with contempt,
but leaving it around
a disgusting smell,
sooner or later you will be called
to Pay the Price.
Fire of Hope 
It is a beautiful night
cold but serene
and without shadows.
Up there in the sky
a Full Moon shines
which, everything, illuminates
as if it were day.
Love sails in the air
than the Melancholy,
strongly wants to push away.
But alas,
moans filled with blind rage,
with the happiness of a few.
Keep on
a Fire of Hope.
IT will give you
unprecedented strength
to over pass
painful impediments
who struggle
to let go.
You will see little by little,
go away
Black Clouds
while the SERENO
will come back to be
of your Sky, master.
All rights reserved
copyright @
Author Stefano Capasso

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