When Signs Meet Science / Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali

Poem by Jenayah Hela Tekali
When Signs Meet Science
The Soul is all about the secret of Signs
To fathom into the Word of Science
The words Signs and Science are homophones
Stirring the Soul with their overtones.
We can see into the Science through the Soul
All the laws of physics are unified into a whole
To see into the spirit of the one and the Almighty
What others understand as the laws of relativity.
Signs are there to show you where to tread
What laws of Physics cannot into the Soul read
Let the Soul guide Science to the truth
What Paradoxical Ode cannot with all its knot soothe.
Science and the Soul have in common this Silence
The unheard words that dive into the mysteries of Existence
When the concrete and the abstract finally meet
They could read into the signs of the universe and its “heartbeat”.
The Word is always read as a sum total of Signs
Its symbol is surely linked to matters of science
When we turn upside down the law and look within at the Soul
We can fathom the Secret of Silence and know it all.
Hela Tekali
27/ 12/ 21

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