WISHES FOR 2022 / Poem by Mar Thieriot

Poem by Mar Thieriot
That’s it. One more year
Withdraws noisily
Under the throes of the pandemic
Of global warming,
Of chaotic migrations
Under the sign of uncertainty
Economic and political,
And often disenchantment.
Here we are. Here we are:
Facing the future,
Inheriting ambitions, arrogance
And repeated mistakes.
Here we are. Tonight and tomorrow,
We will formulate wishes
And may they
Not be the wishes of automatons…
I wish myself true, I wish you true.
Even if it means paying the price
Of our disorders and our incompetences.
I will wish myself tender, I will wish you tender
I will wish myself free, I will wish you free,
I will wish us wise at last,
Conscious of everything…
That we still have to learn
Here it is. I would like us to be beautiful,
Even old and sick,
or fat, or thin,
Beautiful in our humanity.
Beautiful in our lasting friendships
Beautiful in our serenity in spite of everything
Beautiful in our talent, in our genius
In our dignity,
I would like to thank you
For your presence
For your life here and now
For your breath and your gestures
You are so rare. No reply…
Not yet.
May 2022 be a year
Repairing. Loving. Happy.
I still love you. That’s it.
Mar Thieriot Unpublished 30-12-2021

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