Corona apprenticeship / Poem by Aprilia Zank

Poem by Aprilia Zank
Corona apprenticeship
strictly etymologically
it is about crowns and garlands
but there was no trace of royal
demeanour in the two bygone years
people have died
who did not deserve to
others are belligerently alive
and challenge the rules of mortality
trucks have been spotted
carrying covid coffins at night
while blind rage rampaged
shattering windows and laws
during confinement
the Earth didn’t get better
what seemed to be fish frolicking
in the refreshed canals of Venice
emerged as just another rat family
heading for an emptying abode
there haven’t been more birds
chirping on trees along bare streets
nor have humans evolved
into holier creatures
miracles happen rarely if at all
but as long as there is a sky above us
we’ll look up at the sun, at the stars
craving for signs and wonders

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