Orit Marton (Irael)

Orit Marton (Irael)
She was born in 1966 in Israel at Kibbutz Gat. During the birth she suffered a brain injury and since then she has been suffering from severe cerebral palsy. Lives in a disabled home in Netanya most of her life. Her whole life is a constant struggle between the mind, unharmed, and the body confined to a wheelchair. Her hands are unable to serve her and her speech is difficult to understand. Writing serves as a way for her to deal with the existential struggle. From the age of five she has been writing short stories, essays and mostly poems. She keeps the words at her mind till someone write them for her.
She published 3 poems book in Israel
The empty barn
Then the barn was full of life
When a young couple was walking with his daughter
Give it a taste of hot and pure milk
From the huge container in the milking parlor
And the sparrows, as friends, fled above
The electrified wire.
The father and daughter have long since moved away
A woman with a camera known for her illness
She returned to the barn as still as her life
And only one pigeon flew over
The electrified wire
Looking at the picture my mother sent me
Slowly a crystal of longing burned in me
Just for a mint to go home again
See if there is no bird left over
The electrified wire
הָרֶפֶת הָרֵיקָה
אֵי אָז הָרֶפֶת שָׁקְקָה חַיִּים
כְּשֶׁזּוּג צָעִיר טִיֵּל עִם יַלְדָּתוֹ
לָתֵת לָהּ טַעַם שֶׁל חָלָב חַם וְטָהוֹר
מִמֵּיכַל הָעֲנָק בְּבֵית הַחֲלִיבָה
וְהַדְּרוֹרִים, כַּחֲבֵרִים, בָּרְחוּ מֵעַל
הַחוּט הַמְּחֻשְׁמָל.
הָאָב וְיַלְדָּתוֹ הִתְרַחֲקוּ מִכְּבָר
אִשָּׁה עִם מַצְלֵמָה יְדוּעָה לְמַחֲלָתָהּ
שָׁבָה אֶל הָרֶפֶת הַדּוֹמֶמֶת כְּחַיֶּיהָ
וְרַק יוֹנָה אַחַת עָפָה מֵעַל
הַחוּט הַמְּחֻשְׁמָל
מַבִּיטָה אֶל הַתְּמוּנָה שֶׁשָּׁלְחָה לִי אִמָּא
אַט אַט נִצְרָב בִּי גָּבִישׁ שֶׁל גַּעְגּוּעַ
לָשׁוּב וְלוּ לְדַקָּה הַבַּיְתָה
לִרְאוֹת הַאִם לֹא נוֹתְרָה צִפּוֹר מֵעַל
הַחוּט הַמְּחֻשְׁמָל

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