Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
I don’t know where I am
It’s so… cold
So… dark
Where am I?
you are my inspiration
dedicated my best friend Vasile
You are my inspiration
My soul is full of love
My heart is full of love
I adore you
Time is no longer lonely
You are my special gift
When you talk to me
Time is no longer lonely
I want to kiss you all day
I opened my eyes
and I see you.
I want to breathe you in.
I want to kiss you all day.
My beautiful heart ran dry
Its songs
A now silent
no title
a tiny snowdrop
falling beautiful and gently to the Earth
I confess
the truth is
every day
every night
every season
I want to fall asleep
in your lap
listening to the
wonderful rhythm of your heart
Love is isn’t blind
love is all a seeing
nobody not loves me
no roses
no chocolate
no dear or sweetheart
deep sight
deep silence
no gift
no call
no hug
no kiss
nobody not loves me
the pen slips out of my hand
and I cry
about you
your beautiful eyes
they are splendid lovely
a fountain of joy
your beautiful red lips
the color of wonderful roses
they tell a story of happiness
your goodness
is my joy
your sweet and lively smile
is my happiness
your friendship is my greatest gift
your name is my drug
I confess ,the truth is,
I adore you
your name
dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
every morning
your name
is honey
on my lips
every afternoon
your name
is flower
on my lips
every night
your name
is beautiful melody
om my lips
You are
the most
beautiful thing,
in my life

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