Synchronicity / Poem by Hela Jenayah Tekali

Poem by Hela Jenayah Tekali
Causality seems an illusion
When synchronity is in a recurrent evolution
But how to piece the puzzle of your life?
To keep your tormented psyche alive.
We have to fathom the stream of events that occur to us
For recurrent occurrence of things does not make a fuss
Train your mind to see beyond the three dimensions
Seeing the arrow of time pointed in the right directions
Past , present, or future have no longer a validity
when vision or dream becomes your undeniable reality.
All creation is a ” déjà vu” layer of experience
blossoming signs melted with science not a sheer coincidence
We can bind our minds scientifically to this synchronicity
To see beyond what our naked eye can perceive intuitively.
Decoding this déjà vu layer of experience as well
Through what our tormented psyche , chaos , insomnia, disorder can tell
Manifestation of dreamtime has never been a superstition
The purest codes rooted in our souls to ponder on this sublime intuition.
Hela Jenayah Tekali
copyright 05/01/22

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