Elena Liliana Popescu (Romania)

Elena Liliana Popescu (Romania)
Elena Liliana Popescu (1948, Turnu Măgurele, Teleorman, Romania) is Doctor in Mathematics and Professor at the University of Bucharest, Romania. She is poet, translator and editor, member of the Writers’ Union of Romania and the Romanian PEN Centre.
She has published more than 50 books of poetry and translations from English, Spanish. Her poems, translated into more than 20 languages, have been published in various volumes, anthologies in literary magazines in Albania, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, El Salvador, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Mexico, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Poland, Puerto Rico, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, USA.
She has curated numerous poetry volumes, monographs and essays. She has published translations in literary magazines from the works of over one hundred authors. She has participated in several literary events abroad (Brazil, Chile, Cuba, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Nicaragua, Turkey, USA).
If you only knew
If You only knew,
how much I yearn for You,
though You’re in my heart!
How great the sadness
to see You
only in my dream.
I miss You so,
though You’re with me always…
How deep the pain
to hear You
only in my thoughts.
How hard it is
when I seek You
and find You only
when You want to be found.
You’ve drifted
You’ve drifted among other thoughts
far from the first one,
and till you return,
you can neither leave nor stay…
Nobody answered…
At times,
you asked yourself
‘What’s life?’
not really
an answer…
And so you never found it!
No one
no one
could have…
To be born anew
How many times in life
we die, without even knowing,
only to be born anew…
But, how many instants fill a life,
how many measure death?
If what I see around me
is not life
Then where is it
for real?
Asked, timidly,
an icicle,
in a perishing world…
Forgive me
Forgive me
blank page
for breaking your tranquility
with whispers
laid out
line after
tracing my thoughts,
that run
and searching
without knowing
they exist,
without knowing
they conceal
my Tranquility
and yours.
By myself
I sit and watch the sea
seemingly boundless.
I am by myself.
– mere thoughts awakened by me –
rest on the shore.
Far off, a dot
– a thought as yet unspoken –
Waves come and go,
Large and small, happy and sad.
Their song, hushed whisper,
carries me
to their enchanted world.
For a time.
There is so much silence!
The mysterious symphony is heard
Even the Sea is there.
With waves
whose silent song
is perfect…
Translated into English by Adrian George Sahlean

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