Floating lightness Jeanette Eureka / Article by Natalie Bisso

Floating lightness Jeanette Eureka
With Dra. Jeanette E. Tiburcio Márquez (Jeanette Eureka) I met and got acquainted on the Internet when she invited me to participate in the Festival of the Award of Mil Mentes por México. Her youth, energy, external and internal beauty were conducive to communication. During the festival, incredible concentration, organizational ability and endurance are needed. Jeanette Eureka has it all. Her beautiful oratorical style conquers not only the vastness of the Internet, but also the hearts of poets and writers, academics and artists from around the world. Deep versatile enlightenment – scholarship, well-read, deep, thorough knowledge in the literary and educational field, versatile education surprise and attract at the same time, showing Jeanette Eureka as a bright personality of our time.
Bio short Dra. Jeanette E. Tiburcio Márquez (Jeanette Eureka)
Jeanette is a leader of transformation in education, culture and arts. She is the mexican pandora´s box, a young writer of great ideals with a great love for poetry. is a big promotor of values in the unfolding of innovation and the design of new schemes, is an international speaker, audiovisual producer and teacher. Since 29 years ago she had been working as a Mathematics Teacher for different academic levels. She won the most important award in Madrid Spain for orality at CIINOE. She has participated in 21 international anthologies and written two books. She is President of Mil Mentes por México, Director Ontime Books Latino and President the Academia Mundial del Pensamiento, Satelital TV Cabina 11 Cadena Global, Eureka Aprendizaje Acelerado, Magazzine the waves of art, etc.
Floating lightness
Floating lightness, sign materiality
opposite confrontation, unfolded metaphors,
in pacts of stone.
Mythical experience, inherited revelation
light synthesis, sublimation, imaginary.
Whole in quarters, Cloudy in media,
Asleep in thirds, Initiation and ephemeral body,
Wake up.
Alter ego neon, Eternal essence
Induction of the teacher, In silver gardens
time center, inert return, life, sacrifice, resolution
Tlàloc quartz, children, gods, droughts, Abyssal hike.
Resurrection of allegories
Luminous tremors
Idyllic awakenings
Brief review
In decaying inductions
Parasomatic, extracorporeal
Pact accepted,
On mother moons.
Swing bridges
Irreversible destiny.
Here and now
Tomorrow, never, always.
seductive lightness.

The author of the article is Natalie Bisso (poet, novelist, academician, Russia -Germany)

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