Poems by Delwar Hossain

Poems by Delwar Hossain
As no appetite in feast on I’m not so
As you deem me to be dime to see the dejecting
laugh of dried lips.
At the shelter of nearness like magic,
The stone melting got mixed in the salty water
Have you seen her secret disgrace,intolerable
aphony screams,
How many fascinating new doors you open
At the touch of artistic dodge.
You seem to keep the alternative keys
I fathom not the calculation of math,
Yet, am not so foolish as much as simplicity
I won’t find out abstruse behind despite having
your cruel connivance.
Do you hear my defeated breathing,
Your name only exists in her air of displeasure.
Equal to life at a long seperation burnt in wailing,
Another name to survive is freedom.
I’m making my way towards the market
With some dozens of clouds wrapped with petals,
Ounce of dews and sun wet waters for sale.
If met on the way, you must make call, Taking into hand, you must see if you want
You must buy if you want
At the slight price of handful rainbow.
Supposing that it’s ending here
After this, no way open
No rush of busy men coming from the passage
No corrugation of red papers, no two lines as to you
In the yard of stale poems with past pens
Supposing that here is the long ending
After that, I to calculate all the rights derived
I to hold the roses of the morn, empty hand,
Unheard calls of the prime birds leaving me behind
Supposing that here is our ending way
The morns of the earth disappeared shedding compassion
I to behold a glimpse of sun dropping life
Longs to appear in the imperilled fogs
I to walk again along the long way
Even though I am not asked for a single time.

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