Poems by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

Poems by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand
The legions of the dead
Who reach hell
In their autopsy report
Symptoms of having lost their voice
Were they dumb at the time of death?
No, no say the doctors
They had lost it
Since they joined services.
They always talked in muffled voices
Or at the most they were faking
The master’s voice
As their own
Most of them were showing
Best Citizens Award
Rewarded by the powers
For their Powers of Silence.
Lustus, the Prince of Darkness
Showers praise on these great fellows
And awards them with
Gallantry Awards.
A poet’s soul arrives,
Et tu brute? Smiles Lustus:
‘Raise his waxen figure in the Museum of Darkness’
Look at every one
Like a tree with benevolence
They are also born of this earth like us
This earth hides its tears
From its offspring
Yet smiles for you
Where you stand look below
And feel the rustle of skulls
Down under
We are layers of grass
Grown on silenced battles
Fought long ago
Layer upon layer, age after age..
Villain after villain
Sage after sage.

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