NIGHT BIRD / Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee

Poem by Laksmisree Banerjee
I am a Night Bird of wakefulnes
smothered in the cool snuggle of darkness
rolling in nocturnal foggy fields of peace
cradled in the smokey screen of my own secret bower of tears
in love with my pure solitude
with no want of a partner
wrapped in the shadowy transcendece
of intransient aureoles
in a comfort zone far from the sun
I remain ignited as a small lamp of muteness
within the aura of my hidden wails in the dark
for I cannot bear the sun’s blaze…….
my glow worms of fire and ice play in
open zones of twinkling reverie
with fragrant tube roses in my blooming tears
rivulets washed in swells of pure sadness
as I embrace the soft melancholic moonshine
my amorous palliative mate
of the starry night…….
myself a singing darkling of light-free solace…
I am a Night Bird of wakefulnes
wanton and coy yet careful
of the glitzy burning orb
at its zenith yet so fallen
like the flaming tongues of its forest fire lunging to devour more and more
caught in the tangles of dry leaves
waylaid and grounded
with unquenchable avarice
a prey of its own sunny hubris
as I flap away from dry daylight
with my tranquil wings
slip into my dark den of tenderness
of silver soothing shreds of night’s caress
quietude calling in whispers
my heaving lonesome soul
of the sequinned midnight
with a dark feathery embrace
for I am the watchful Night Bird
in sleepy wakefulness….
I inhale the breath of the scents of
night flowers as vibrantly soothing
as my winging starry darkness
which strokes me to sleep
while the sun flaunts its rays
its singeing light of pride
so often endlessly profuse
as I refuse to rise with
the debilitating day
refuse its splinters and sway
Its scorching heat causing
searing agony of howling cries
with arid blizzards of power and hate
of perjury and a breathless race
an engulfing fire of wretched nothingness
myself a darkling bird of immune space…..
I seek my caring placid mate of solitude
away from all plenitude
in my crevice of night-rhapsody
as I am the Night Bird of wakefulnes
singing in grey glory
in my misty realms of silent grace…….
@laksmisree banerjee

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