Dr. Tzemin Ition Tsai – Republic of China (Taiwan)

Dr. Tzemin Ition Tsai – Republic of China (Taiwan)
Dr. Tzemin Ition Tsai come from Republic of China (Taiwan). In addition to being a literature professor at Asia University (Taiwan), he is more committed to writing poems, novels and proses. He is also an editor of “Reading, Writing and Teaching” academic text, International editor of “Contemporary dialogues” literary periodical in Macedonia, and a columnist for ‘Chinese Language Monthly’ in Taiwan.
In a wide range of literary creations, he is particularly fond of interesting stories or novels, and writing articles or poems about the feelings of nature and human beings. He has won many national literary awards. His literary works have been anthologized and published in books, journals, and newspapers in more than 55 countries and have been translated into more than 24 languages.
Walked into the late autumn alone
Autumn, is here
Hurriedly went deeper, taking advantage of the lake to sing the song of the water chestnut
Laughing at the shaking of the fishing boat, laughing at the fishing rods were raised but fall in vain
Never rested, let the wind extinguish the falling flowers
Shaking every willow branch that support the bank, the noise was like a group of shadows
the noise was like a group of shadows, was like a group of dust, was like a group of fantasies
Go with it
To scramble, the heroic dream of youth
Don’t leave empty sighs, just like the sky in the past
Not to mention the shadows that have been churned by the sea waves, a small piece of dust
Respond to the regret for parting easily, enough to
Autumn, are you not leaving?
In that deeper cool place, the autumn changes a drizzle to drown out the night
The port followed the moon bridge, and the night birds sang in panic
Half-drunk stepping on flowers, falling flowers still contain the most bitter sorrow
The stars were supporting one million drunk red-lotus, reflections drifting
Reflection drifting, Looking backward drifting, Green drifting by water
That pavilion was fragrant and warm
Don’t Stop, your young ambitions
Silent shyness, you were not a withered lotus should not hide your green leaves
Broke away the wine, threw the verse, picked up the piccolo and blew the west wind,
A small syllable
Would not be afraid of the haze indulged in the depths 
That heroic postures of the mountains
I watch
The mountains are faintly in the clouds, and the hills are high and low stacked on top of each other
Worry about you
Your heart of conquering the wilderness is hard to administer tired horse, west wind, and snowdrift
White clouds do not sweep the green hills, light smoke covers the rugged valleys
Facing this endless loneliness
There were many flowers on the edge of the steps, but the peach stamens in front of the forest have turned red
Don’t go wrong to the elegant fairy house stand in front of you
Between the crooked water and the cold spring, a little turn will direct to another path
A wood gate and a bamboo fence
Yellow birds are separated from the forest, only see the winter plums say goodbye to the night
Then keep quiet
I can’t see the cloud sticking to the peak when raise my head, the mountain is open and the sky is clear
Return to the world without rushing, like hearing the sound of spring in the dream forest
With a cane, there is the setting sun on the way home
No, I don’t feel the journey is far away
Sit in this iron box floating in the air, across the window the west-side clouds rose like a rolling river
The copper pillars on the wings of the plane, set aside the chaos and dust-free
Beyond the blue sky, the sunlight passes by the ear like an arrow
The valleys were faintly silent and the lakes were so empty, I raised my eyes and looked at her beside me
She pointed out the window and I realized that the westerly wind even blew across the ocean
Already followed us to Buenos Aires
Like revisiting the old thing, in Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid, a former modern poem
As always caught in the page alone, fortunately, to have you, held my hand and followed closely my heart
Like the fairy sitting on the vault
Rebuild order among the pigeons, angels, and garlands
The power of love and peace came from the bookshelf
Let me, a person from a foreign ethnic group, sit on the floor and enjoyed harmony
The frescoes of Raffaello, flowing like blue waves
How many heroes fought for fame, and were inscribed in the books
After all, we could not get rid of the harassment of Plato and Aristotle as early as possible.
On the return trip, traveled into the sunset and left the book fragrance alone with emotion
Passing by a corner market, I want to write a poem
Was shocked to find the large and small bookstores everywhere
The fragrance of books, sweet osmanthus, and small alleys
Why did the literati who came and gone in one drink and got in such a hurry to leave? 

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