Poems by Delwar Hossain

Poems by Delwar Hossain
Despite the arrival
In a drowsy state
Dream does not come
To the sleepless eyes.
Burnt eyes court the sleeps
With burning ties.
Sleepless solitary night breaks the loquacity of noiselessness.
Huff welters, beguiled love sheds tears.
From the far-off station
Respite sound of wearied Engine adrifts.
Tune of parted weeping is heard in the far-coming sigh of dog.
Stillness of civic night is broken with the pointed flute of night guard.
Weep hiding frank laughter of punks can be heard,
City also hears the call of night-kin at a sudden sleepless night.
Freight truck-lorry runs at night, ceaseless depredation of flies continues with loneliness.
Aeroplane flies jiltering the far -runway,
Taking night medicine of fail wooer can be heard at night.
Teeth are not brushed, many of the needy are lying by the way side with acute hunger.
Lament writes with care in the page of account at sleepless lonely night.
How much deception wipes out the sin of human birth in contrition.

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