Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo
You entered into the garden of my dream
I embrace you in my soul in high esteem
My heart is beating a rhythmic tempo
When you hold me close in a tango
Gracefully, we move and dance in pleasure
Twisting and making a sweeping gesture
Holding your hand, I feel safe and secure
Drowning deep in a romance, divine and pure
My heart is unfolding a profound affection
No words are needed for confession
You could read the answer from my eyes
A romantic love message, it implies
The vibe of this spectacular moment
I feel our throbbing hearts in enlightenment
Creating a stirring flame of passion
That takes us to the heights of adoration
Your glances prompted a dance with my glow
Like the tides in the sea, my love’s ebb and flow
The moment you planted my lips with a kiss
I know you’re the one I love and forever my bliss.
I admire butterflies on flowers
Enjoy the sweet nectar quietly
Listen to the orchestra of the birds
Sing sweetly and mirthfully
Relax in the glory of freedom.
romantic twilight
reflections at the ocean
cold wind is blowing
©Lilian Woo

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