Amir Tomer (Israel)

Amir Tomer (Israel)
Amir Tomer, poet, Israeli writer, has retired in 2020 from his position as a Professor for Software Engineering. Since then he is devoted to poetry and prose. In 2021 he published his first poetry book (Love Designer, Assif publication, 2021) and he is now preparing his first prose book of short stories. He lives in Regba, Israel, married to Dalia and father of Noam and Noga.
Lightly Before
In particularly chilly mornings
I lightly rise before the light:
This is the most appropriated time
to whistle softly
to my straying poems
to come back to dwell in your lap.
I let out my hot breaths
attempting to restore some of the splendor
of the worn-out words,
to restore shards of lines
and entwine forgotten rhymes
along the threads of your dream.
And as it becomes more chilly
I shall cuddle up beside you and gaze
upon the slowly breaking light
drawing gentle wrinkles
of conciliation
on your face.
It’s not by chance
that now dandelions spread across
the mine fields of our love,
and our tumbleweed
rolls over planes
of tansies and of yarrows.
Perchance no one can see me,
perhaps your staff comforts me,
but when it grows on you
lying together on the fence
doesn’t make you tense
like it used to,
and it’s okay to let go,
to flex the muscles, head to toe,
and let the scent of the mimosa fool
our nostrils.
Since in the golden pathways
that separate us
we have already learned
how to pause during the green
and thrust ahead when it is red
but mostly
we go to and fro
in yellow too our love can glow
and that we know.
From Hebrew: Nadavi Noked

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