The Weeping Parachutist (Dedicated to Dr. Itzik Yifat) / Poem by Yehoram Galili

Yehoram Galili
Yehoram Galili, poet, Israeli writer and literary editor, has been writing songs and short stories since first grade. He is the owner of Galili Publishing and the author of the book “Rishonim Tamid – The Legacy of the Combat Engineering Corps” (published by Efi Meltzer Ltd.). His short story, “An Affair with a Terrorist” won in the prize for encouraging the work in the “Buds of Prose” competition in Modi’in at 2007. In 2017, his song “Photo War” won the first place in a poetry competition in Be’er Sheva initiated by “Bitaon Shira”. This song appears in the book bearing the name “Photo War”, which will be published soon.
The Weeping Parachutist
(Dedicated to Dr. Itzik Yifat)
The stones of the Western Wall are your wrinkles,
Young are Tombs of your buriden friends,
Your tears are choked with dust
Accomulate slowly
As fetuses, sprouting in the womb
Of women,
Until they fall into your arms,
Who held a stell helmet and a machine gun.

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