Tali Weiss (Israel)

Tali Weiss (Israel)
Tali Weiss is an Israeli poet, leading writing workshops, and an editor of books and the online poetry magazine – “Kefel” (http://www.kefelmagazine.com). Master (M.A.) in Creative Writing from the department of literature in the University of Haifa. Published her poems in many Israeli magazines. Published six poetry books: “Siam” (1997), “Peaceful Poems” (2010), “Like a Feather” (2013), “The Navel of the Night” (2015), “The finest hour” (2018) and “It Vanished” (2021).
The three poems were published in the book “The finest hour”, and translated from Hebrew by Oded Peled, a distinguished poet, and translator, winner of many literary awards. The poems were not previously published in English
This Burning Moment
What, after all, did I request,
That the days will slowly lengthen to the horizon
So that I can manage to dream
And love what I put off for tomorrow
And correct what I erred yesterday
And bless this moment, burning under
The soles of my feet
And jump over the fear which is, no doubt,
The hardest thing in the whole world.
Who can say to the doe: run, run
Who can comfort it: you will succeed, succeed
Who can tell her not to worry.
After all, she knows, there is no safe place
For anything.
In the first breath with awakening
In a ray of light caressing my face
In the soft prayer
In a warm home opening with a smile
In the sweet sweet song
In the joy of a beloved place
In the natural movement of the wind
In the clear true dream
In the healing of stubborn wounds
In the swing of good words
In the stopping in time
In the quiet miraculous knowledge
In the road revealed by itself
One day you’ll wake up in a foreign land
Not knowing where you came from
And walk among foreign languages
To find one of your own.
At first you’ll meet the fear sprouting
From the biggest questions,
Then the small ones will appear
Like spots on the skin.
You won’t have a choice
But to try and understand the strange woman
In the mirror
To send palms of hands like branches
To the sky and thank
The day when you forgot who you had been.

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