Triin Soomets (Estonia)

Triin Soomets (Estonia)
Date of birth: 2.3.1969
Place of birth: Tallinn, Estonia
First language: Estonian
1994 graduated from Tartu University as an Estonian philologist
Member of Estonian Writers´ Union since 1999
2021 Surface below the timeline (Pind ajajoone all)
2018 The Lovers (Armukesed)
2017 Free Money (Vaba raha)
2017 Stories of Wise and Stupid (Targa ja rumala jutud)
2016 Selected Qualities (Valitud omadused); selected poems
2015 Little Numbers (Hulgakesed)
2015 Stories of Good and Evil (Hea ja kurja jutud)
2013 Qualities of Things (Asjade omadused)
2013 Sleep Train (Unerong) (for children)
2012 Why don´t you have a tail? (Miks sul pole saba?) (for children)
2009 Hidden Matters (Varjatud ained)
2006 Out (Väljas)
2004 Raw Material (Toormaterjal)
2004 Contract II (Leping nr 2)
2000 Vein (Soon); selected poems
1999 Skid Mark (Pidurdusjälg)
1994 Thirst in the machine (Janu masinas)
1994 Thirst in the wrist (Randmes unejanu)
1991 Blue City (Sinine linn)
Books in foreign language:
2016 Seams of Being (Olemisen ompelet, translation into Finnish)
Poems in English:
Six Estonian Poets (New voices from Europe and beyond) Todmorden: Arc, 2015 (Padstow, Cornwall: TJ International)
Contemporary Estonian Poetry, 2013 (A Baltic Anthology Book 3) Kindle Edition
On the Way Home – An Anthology of Contemporary Estonian Poetry, 2006 Sarup&Sons (India, New Delhi)
In Our Own Words, 2005 MW Enterprises (Edited by Marlow P. Weaver)
Windship with oars of light – Estonian Modern Poetry, 2001, Tallinn
Poems have also been published in the antologies or magazines in German, Dutch, French, Slovenian, Finnish, Galegian, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian, Albanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Hindi, Faroese, Arabic, Croatian, Turkish, Italian.
Recognition and awards:
Annual prize of literary magazin Looming 2018
State salary for writers – 2016-2018
Nomination of Baltic Assambly Prize for Literature 2015
The annual award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment 2014, nominee 2016, 2010, 2007, 2005, 2000
Nominee of Cultural Prize of the Republic of Estonia 2014
Ivar Ivask Memorial Prize 2010
Juhan Liiv annual prize of poetry 2009 and 2000, nominee 2017, 2014
The most alive book, by cultural newspaper Sirp 2004 for Toormaterjal
Awards from poetry festivals in Romania 2011, 2010, 2007
Composers like Wim Henderickx (Belgium), Kadri Voorand (Estonia) and others have composed pieces using her poems.
rain’s path on the tree trunk
to earth
lightning’s path on the tree trunk
to earth
bird’s path on the wind
to earth
boat’s path on the water
to earth
rower’s path on the sea
to earth
earth’s path
on you
these cities where you have loved
they are similar somehow
wherever around the world
they have the same streetcorners
they reflect the same river
there are the same clouds flowing
in some way they are similar
all these are your hometowns
I would like to do something real; something big,
I said. Let’s go to my place,
I have a case of vodka, you replied
and at any other time I would have come
till now I still haven’t done anything
real other than save a fly
from a bottle of strawberry cider, where it was swimming
its hairy legs kicking around, I did that more
for myself than for the fly, which stayed bewildered
on the edge of the green leaf
under the too open sky, a shivering.
I played with your body
when other paths had ascended to the heavens
when the rest of the shadows were naked
I dressed and made up
– – –
winds blew over
trumpets sounded
a musician drank in the corner
of a log house, indeed:
the definition of a man
the play as a model
come with me to Toledo
Everything has its reason.
Go, get, grasp.
Just not me –
from object
I turned into verb.
You cannot catch me,
however precisely you aim.
I am between you and target.
Translated from Estonian by Miriam McIlfatrick-Ksenofontov and Kersti Unt
Photo: Kris Moor

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