Emotions Take A Lot / Poem by Suchismita Ghoshal

Poem by Suchismita Ghoshal
Emotions Take A Lot
Why does emotion defeat us
Like the sand slips from the grip of hands
Like the soil beneath us splits
Like the blue sky squizzes water?
Waking up heavy, fragmented
Is something disheartening
When you feel an insect nibbles
To the core of your heart and kills you slowly
And your blood doesn’t even drip,
It simply dries and evaporates.
Lonesome words float in the air,
You’re afraid to catch them, to sense them.
Your inner sentiments are drowning
You may get choked, you break,
You forget, your blankness vacuums your soul.
Crevices soak your tear drops promptly
You’re clueless if you’re supposed to cry more
Or, stab your boiled up emotions smoothly.
Your brain malfunctions and you fall
There’s no time to waste at all
While your childish heart wants more time
To play under the redolent sunlight,
To catch more butterflies and to soothe
The inner desires with abundance of love.
Nobody in this selfish world observes,
None pays attention to the suppressed talks
That have never been disclosed, that have
Absolutely no chance to make history.
Why does emotion wrap us in conflicts
The conflicts of never ending parallely going errs?
~© storytellersuchismita

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