Osvaldo Sauma (Costa Rica)

  Osvaldo Sauma (Costa Rica)
Poet, director of the Literary Expression Workshop at the Castella Conservatory from 1981 to 2010, in San José, Costa Rica. Author of: Las Huellas del Desencanto (The Footprints of Disenchantment) 1983; Retrato en Familia (Portrait in my Family) ,Premio Latinoamericano EDUCA 1985; Asabis, 1993; Madre Nuestra Tierra Fértil (Our Mother Fertile Earth) 1997; Bitácora del Iluso, Ediciones Perro Azul 2000. The Book of farewell, Ediciones Perro Azul, 2006. Bitácora del iluso, (Chronicle of the Deceived) ,bilingual Spanish-English edition, 2009. In 2013 he was awarded the National Poetry Prize “Aquileo Echeverría” for his anthological volumen La Canción del Oficio (The Song of the Craft). Utopía del Solitario (Utopia of the Loner) , a Spanish Italian edition published in Milan, Italy, 2014. Collected Poetry, Común Presencia Editores, Bogotá Colombia 2014. Therapy for the mad., Ediciones de la Isla de Siltolá, 2017, Sevilla España. Double Bottom XIV, Antología Poética, en coauthored with Manuel Pachón. Biblioteca Libanense de Cultura, 2018, Colombia.
This river carries in its waters
the living shadow of my childhood and the dreams of those times
when I first saw him I was terribly afraid
and groping in the dark I seize my father’s pants
-If the boat turns over
do not fight against the current let yourselves be carried by it and grab the first
branch or trunk
that you find on its banks.
but already at puberty when I lost my fear
I grew up as a Porchilos and I tested their caves / their fish and I became part of this submerged fauna.
I loved my river above all things
even more than my mare and the flowery
silence of the ancient jungle
today like yesterday
it brings water from other rivers among its waters
it comes down broad
and quiet in the summer or yelling
and turbulent in the winter
Translated by Silvia Camerotto
Watching her sleep
every man is his own sun
in tedium’s midnight
when the crickets shriek
like fire possessed
and the stars
are more distant than ever
under the light of strong liquor
every man
snuffs out
the inner glow of nothingness
while he watches the woman
to whom he conceded his destiny
not the one invented by illusion
any man
who, like me, gets drunk
at the side of the woman
who flees us in dreams
avoids the need for the other
makes of his failure
an abstract tinkling
and drinks his perdition in silence
Puertas Abiertas p 351-2
Translated by Ricardo Ulloa Garay
no woman
is better than the sea
even so
all fish dwell in her womb
all history is summarized in her cave
all our ramblings are soothed on her breasts
no woman
is better than the sea
and in all her inner inlets
her name is writ
in all the galleries of memory
a fire blossom glows in the mist
with some kisses that will follow us
to the grave
no woman
is better than the sea
and her furious waves
raise us to summits
or sink us to the hush of death
no woman
is better than the sea
my lighthouse seeks her endlessly
in the rich sargasso seas
Translated by Ricardo Ulloa Garay
Let no one leave this party unpunished
Nor anyone escape through the backdoor
Pretending not to be the author of his negligence
Let him not forget the quota of horror he deserves
Let him not say: I didn’t know / I thought / I have a noble soul
Let no one flee
This party of power drills
With an obese angel’s license
Let Papal bulls be banned
Let no one leave this ship like a rat
Let no one cave tunnels like a mole
Let no one be saved unless all of us are saved
Translated by Luis Chaves
I came to avenge
The luck of loners
Committed lovers and what´s futile
Party poopers, loafers
Family feuds and fingers worn to the bone
I came to join
A sect fixated on the millennium
Conspiring deep within the catacombs
From balcony to balcony
And inside the saloons
To be pariah much of the night
Cating bread meant for the unfortunate
With a hunger straight from dreams
For that Icame
To gain an ancestral instant of internal fire.
Translated by Zoë Anglesey

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