THE FLYING SERIES – Videopeom by Alexandra Psaropoulou


THE FLYING SERIES – Videopeom by Alexandra Psaropoulou



Alexandra Psaropoulou

Illustrated poetry books, taking the reader on an uplifting, spiritual flight. Each book is an inspiring, new thought, visionary, graphic poem, along the path of self growth. THE FLYING SERIES is the poetry of the future, making it accessible and appealing to a wide audience of all spectrums. Amazon link: FB: Alexandra Books Music: “Butterfly’s Life” by Vasilis Tsantilas “Alexandra is a visual poetic artist and personality on the leading edge of a young, new, global sensibility. ” Flo Conway, chief editor, Stillpoint Press. “Alexandra is a relatively unique and special visual poet of considerable distinction.” David Caddy, Tears in the fence. Dear Alexandra, I just completed my look into your surreal yet harmonious pictorial universe. I have not met this kind of poetic imagery before so it was a quite surprising journey into your quest to rein in on opposing forces or fields of nature and render an underlying synthesis in pure ancient Greek philosophical tradition. I think you have deftly combined your pictorial skills (you use computer graphics, I guess) with a poetic, almost apocalyptic prose resulting in an ascension to the sublime of cosmic harmony. I like this style and I think you should go on and on guided by your rich imagination and your own version of the female collective subconscious, evident for me, in your whole narrative. Stathis Livadas, Advisor in Mathematics at Public Education Administration – Postdoc scholar in the Foundations of Mathematics, 2021 Follow Alexandra Psaropoulou at her website and social media:



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