Poet Introduction: Poet Md. Hedaetul Islam. He is from Sirajganj, the heart of North Bengal, Bangladesh. While studying at Dhaka University, he is studying at a reputed Chinese university for higher studies with a scholarship from the Chinese government. Loves to travel, read books and write. Poems, songs, stories, poems, travel stories, dramas have already gained considerable fame in the country and international arena. In addition to writing, he has a lot of achievements in sports in the country and in the international arena. In addition, he is playing an important role in various important voluntary organizations at home and abroad. He is doing a lot for the welfare of humanity and wants to work for life. He is wishing blessings and blessings to all.
I miss you
I still miss your look,
I still miss your world famous smile.
I still miss calling your darling favorite,
I still miss you waking up with a caress.
I miss my happy moments with you in the sights,
I still miss your little whims.
I still miss your touch,
I still miss your celebration on my special day.
I still miss your walk holding my hand,
I still miss your sweet kisses.
I still miss everyone of your good deeds,
I still miss your crazy love.
Wake up
Wake up, human society is always energetic,
Why don’t you give up in laziness.
Wake up, never break your mind,
You have the strength to be strong.
Wake up, man, be firm in the truth,
be indomitable, be diligent, put an end to failure.
Wake up, O man, you don’t want more sleep, ,
Erase all the filth, bring success, throw away the response.
Don’t listen to unreasonable rates.
Wake up, you have to be engaged in the pursuit of knowledge,
Be honest, be a renunciant, never lose patience, never think about it.
Wake up, a hundred times, a thousand times, the best hero, you wake up,
rise and fall to build the earth of eternal brotherhood of the humanity of peace.
I want to keep the effort with death,
Let’s make some longing in verse.
Trying is the name of a magic,
The magic that changes the price of human life.
Try to overcome doubts and build conviction.
Throw sadness in the jungle ,
Laugh ‌ Give people to human beings.
Forget the words of condemnation today,
Sing the words of praise more and more.
Who is still lying,
Run to give light, disregard the obstacle to him.
On earth, see the sun shining in the middle of the moon,
give love to that man,
spread love in the morning and in the evening.
Look at the sadness of the soul,
tears fall from someone’s eyes,
Be kind to him and benefit him very quickly.
The result of the effort of good work is good,
that relentless effort must bring victory.

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