Miljana Živanović (Switzerland)

Miljana Živanović  (Switzerland)
Miljana Živanović  was born in Trpinja, Vukovar, Republic of Croatia, a writer and reviewer.
She lives and works in Switzerland.
She writes poetry, novels and short stories and publishes reportages “Travelogue through World Poetry” and “Travelogue Plus” internationally are biographies of important people based on facts, seen and written from her point of view that leave a mark in her life and work. She is engaged in research on the life of other peoples and cultures.
Miljana Živanović has been involved in humanitarian work since her early youth, caring for the elderly and infirm. In later years, she decided to dedicate herself to the care for abandoned children, she says that it is the reward of her life.
Her poetry is represented in dozens / numerous anthologies in Serbo-Croatian and English around the world.
That reminds me
how it used to be …
It stops time for a moment,
on a piece of glossy paper.
Just a flash that blinds the eyes
in my room placed for decoration.
The photo that I understand …
It’s a sign that helps,
to bring back memories …
Flash of the second
stolen from life,
forever quiet
until the color fades.
Just stayed…
Blank photo frame
with only gleaming, clear glass.
Known to me,
invisible background,
behind I write concisely:
I care of this precious treasure!
I don’t know about either.
I must have known once,
I dreamed once ….
Once upon a time there were firm ideals
perspectives, vistas.
Did I come to catch up?
Certainty has become doubt.
Before or after?
Now I am what I am.
On a trip
but destination unknown.
Am I focused
or aimless?
It’s my fault,
after all, it was me …
Who never chose?
I didn’t dare go right or left,
always at the same crossroads …
I stopped, hovered and wandered
in fear of making the wrong choice
and never again can I return.
Have i invested irreplaceable time?
But waiting also takes time.
To be and to become someone.
My choose with risk
there is no science for that …
Who will I lose?
I can’t grow.
I am too attached to my skin.
The moment will come
to make the skin too tight
and I’ll have to get out,
and I didn’t know
that it would sooner
stay and that after…
The solid foundation became loose sand.
Will I ever find,
something called home?
Early morning rhythm for the ears,
Sensual sound of a harmonious symphony …
The musical notes were designed themselves:
Laughing music,
my passion is the power of joy and calm brought.
Unexpressed feelings
Now they are developing smoothly …
And completely responsible
I finally hear …
Music as a braid,
it gave my day a golden glow …
Smiling tones
melt my worries,
in this brand new morning …
So wonderful and beautiful,
sounds were coming,
they sound so natural
and as if it couldn’t be otherwise …
It almost seemed like it wasn’t me …
My eyes closed
the melody calms me …
Beautiful sounds coming out,
it make me happy
yes …
I listen and end up in dreams.
The night is gone,
waking up and still lethargy,
I’m listening …
But to my sorrow
my melody and magical sounds that day
they never came back …
Wonderful symphony,
the earthly kingdom has surpassed …
© Miljana Živanović
Naters, Švajcarska

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