Poems by Natalia Govsha

Poem by Natalia Govsha
A fisherman hides
over calm water,
there a serene fish,
enjoying soars
in a clear wave.
She flies, freely,
in the bliss
of a gentle river.
Still does not know
that the hook is
already – almost at
her carefree cheeks.
She does not know…
And she flies, flies …
Here we are too –
we soar
in blissful dreams.
And carelessly
we take them
for due happiness.
But old Charon is
hiding in a boat
and has already
chosen one of us –
a sacrifice,
to cross the river Styx.
Your flower
has blossomed crimson –
the color is fantastic,
as if the sun
and the evening afterglow
have merged in
ecstasy and bliss.
You loved,
and kissed
its innocence and breeziness.
But I… For you, I stood
at an illusive distance –
in memory, yours, as
if in a suffocating
…I, like an alchemist,
by your treasure,
and captivated
beyond measure
by desire,
burning to ashes,
through thick and thin
I tried to repeat
your unique crimson.
I constantly crossed
paints and crayons
with water,
and clay,
and inextinguishable flame.
And the canvas,
to become a frame.
And then one day
my thirsty brush,
by mystic,
crimson flower, yours,
that came to life.
You see here,
in the painted petals –
the living breath
of my lips and
the gentle touch
of hands.
And it was I
who arose
from the waves
of memory, yours.
©Natalia Govsha

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