Milutin Đuričković (Serbia)

Milutin Đuričković (Serbia)
Milutin Đuričković (1967, Dečani). A Serbian poet, short story writer, novelist, essayist, journalist. He graduated at the Department for Serbian Philology in Priština, where his master’s degree. He earned his doctorate at the Faculty of Philosophy in East Sarajevo. He works as a professor at the College of Professional Studies for Educators in Aleksinac.His books were translated into 60 languages. He edited magazines “Lighthouse” and “Our creation”. Member of the Serbian Rojal Academy of scientists and artists, Association of Writers of Serbia and the Association of Journalists of Serbia. He published 60 books for children and adults (poems, novel, story, critic, monography, antology…). Lives in Belgrade.
“Peace is always beautiful.”
(Walt Whitman)
There is the Hellenic sea listening to us:
seagulls, shores,
ships, chronicle.
My hometown is
just a story
in the silence of centuries.
An old olive tree
told me.
Vet snow
is falling on the bed.
Water is gurgling.
Day like
any other.
Fiery rapsod.
Unfathomable silence.
Mild northern wind blows.
expecting her,
someone crosses
my threshold.
A poem is like a pain, nocturne.
It is a prayer in the time of urgency.
Night spreads its cloak.
Autumn roars on the roads.
You are skilled in silance again.
Bright dawns are burning.
Nothing is like it use to be.
Time became more specious.
The snow melted yesterday.
The old pendulum is swinging,
a canvas is fading like shadow.
But, heart is pounding, beating…
You, always
watching the sky
full of birds.
You, not feeling
the flow of time,
yet knowing
all the old roads.
You must be
a tramp.
The olive branch
that I bring to you,
is a symbol of peace
and freedom…

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