Poems by Tsipi Sharoor (Israel)

Poems by Tsipi Sharoor
Its smell is strong on the hills,
On the Moslem graves,
On the date palms,
As you near the sea,
Where the hospital used to be,
Opposite my old house.
The Sea
Powdered to dust by its own soft waves
Against which I would strive,
Compelling it to notice me.
If it doesn’t find me ,
Waiting eagerly in Toulouse Park,
Or among the graves
All of Egypt is hers
Pyramids collapse
On the head of Cleopatra
And a stud bull
Is the raging god.
And when between her tights
He is a bleating sheep
In the nights
All Egypt is hers
Where the wild weeds have grown me
A cover for games of hide and seek
I’ll be cradled
Naked in the date palms
Like a dusky fruit
Waiting for the pickers.
And so , beloved,
Come in on your waves
And I , a tiny pool ,
Will receive you.

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