Timeless Love (in my series of love poems) / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Timeless Love
(in my series of love poems)
Love is breathless
when it thinks it’s in love
Pining in streams of steaming lava
Hungry love is vicious
It demands food
It smells biryani
As it eyes the dried
Morsel of roti placed
Before it’s blood shot eyes
It thirsts for peace
In volleys of bullets
It yearns for shehnai
Amidst staccato gunfire
Love bubbles and froths
A cauldron of potions magical
Mystic dervishes of love
Whirling in levitating wonder
Infernos of flaming passion
Licking on wooden beams
Love has spasms of choking
As it gulps down disdain
It withers on parched parchments
With poems written in blood
Love sings a melodious ghazal
Lyrically doused in mohabbat
Love waits in street corners
To spy it’s beloved in secret
As she strides like a moon beam
Resplendent in her black salwar kameez
Love stutters and stammers when
It comes face to face
With the smoldering aura
Of luscious beauty
Emanating from a soul
Love walks in glory
Through a field of scarlet poppies
Brown hair billowing out
Like thunderous clouds in summer
Love seduces with a smile
That reaches your insides
Twisting your intestines
With steely clamps of want
Love is unstoppable
It hears not any reason
It rides a high horse
And gallops into the night
Black as the demons
streaking like lightening
In tulip gardens of desires
Plummeting into heavens
Love torpedoes unassisted
Like those devastating missiles
They were meant to kill
With one fatal blow
Love breathes life
Into flagging sagging men
It makes the sitting stand
And the standing bow
In sajdas of respect
Copyright Lily Swarn 12.2.2017

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