Eliana Vanessa (Argentina- USA)

Eliana Vanessa (Argentina- USA)
Eliana Vanessa grew up in New Orleans, participating in 100,000 Poets for Change and The Jane Austen Festival. Her work appears in Sirens Call Publications, Punk Noir, Madness Muse Press, The Blue Nib, Medusa’s Kitchen, San Pedro Review and in the anthologies: Masks Still Aren’t Enough (2019), Americans & Others (2019), and It Was A Dark & Stormy Night: Sixteen Halloween Tales (2019).
when fire itself is the spell
night will provide
a pool of darkness
on a rooftop,
high on each other,
we’ll gaze into a mirror of water,
watching as it catches stars,
falling, like metallic strips,
into a wet abyss,
and every glimmer
of tenderness
between us
will steal the privacy
of a shadow
for a kiss
hot as coals,
bodies burning,
as we lock down
on our piece of heaven
to wake the flame of a dream.
feathers in wait
eclectic air
that drum dreams
in synchrony—
i am one with the sound
of some noble silence!
the birds find their treasure
who am i to get in their way?
transcendent spark
the gratitude
of the sky
is that it’s wide open.
when i was young
i thought pennies
could be bent
into rainbows
to shower
the power of souls
with one sent.
we walk the earth
as if
we know
that all dead ends,
made in the shade,
are the only way out.
into the light—
look up,
see how the sun
appears smug, smiling,
the most popular star,
no matter
how tired of shining
the moon gets.

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