Poems by Delwar Hossain

Poems by Delwar Hossain
Be promise-bound to say
On the very valentine’s day.
Love ought to be for all
Be wise and never talk tall.
Be devoted to duty
And to the human beings
With the passage of time
You must be treated
As the king of the kings.
Service to be rendered
For the people
Without discriminating any age.
Time will say, one day or other
You will be deemed to be sage.
Keep on your effort
With transparent conscience
And never let it be reduced to dust
Do run and run
Along the straight way so far so fast.
I know you won’t repose faith
Yet, I am in deep within you.
I have noticed rain drops with two eyes
Whereas your stale words are rolling down as yet.
Pregnant clouds shed tears before maturity
As it is hugged by mad nature

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