Aroop Mitra
flocks of swallows
skim over mountain lake
diving after perch
chirps quell dawnlight
red hot iron stove
hums , simmering
in my rosary
i find in
finite beads , universes
o bumble bee ,
at the seminar
buzzing your comments
were i a grain of salt
refuge me not in ocean
just a tear drop
stray motes of dust
waltz in sunlit beams
each alive & unique
falling acacia leaf
in blind abandon
discovers dance
mist smudged peaks
aromas of camellias
mirror fjords
thunderstorm died :
old scarecrows stagger
gathering detritus
flickers jigsaw upstream
shoals of monarch butterflies
vie kingfishers
worn woody park bench
empty at last
sighs relief
® Aroop Mitra 2005-2022.
All rights reserved.


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